Strategic Alignment and Road Map Assessments

Software Process Inc. skilled consultants arrive on site for our customers to interview executive leadership and document their vision, value and goals. Our consultants will utilize the best practices in the industry such as CMMI, ITIL, ITSM, ISO, COBIT, and transformational capabilities model.

The deliverable at the end of the assessment is a strategic road map that documents, pain points, people, process and technology with recommendations and next steps and implementation. Our teams at Software Process, Inc. have performed assessments throughout the years that deliver value and continuous improvements to our clients. The assessments can vary on durations based on the complexity and size of organizations.

The Roadmap will identify specific actions in order to achieve the desired levels of maturity for your organizations. The Roadmap will prove to be an efficient tool for incorporating strategic goals into manageable timeframes as part of our customer’s vision, goals and business value.