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Software Requirements Management

Requirements Management is both a science and an art form. This refers to the gathering and managing of functional requirements and process requirements during a product development project. But what is a requirement? In software engineering terms, this refers to a documented need of what your software is or should be doing.

And when you think of functional requirements, think of the way your software behaves. It is the internal workings of your software such as calculations, technical details, data manipulation and processing that make up functional requirements. Software Process, Inc. is dedicated to providing you with Information Technology solutions, especially in the complex areas of Requirements Management.

Requirements can be broken down into five categories:

  1. Users’ requirements. This should list the tasks and goals of the user or consumer. Is your software easy to use, fast, less error prone and dare we say it…fun to use?
  2. 2. Business requirements. This should list the goals of your business. Here we take a look at how to increase revenue, reduce costs, improve data management and efficiency and so on.
  3. Functional requirements specify specific transformations of inputs to outputs that the system of software is required to perform.
  4. Non-functional requirements are qualities that the product must possess such as security, compatibility with existing systems and performance requirements.
  5. Process requirements. This should specify the limitations on development processes, methods and techniques that are allowed to be used in the construction of the software or system.

Keeping these different elements of requirements in mind, you can see why managing these processes are extremely important. SPI understands that balancing all of these requirements is key to the success of your product. To prevent one class of requirements from over-riding another, constant communication among members of the development team is critical. For example, in software development for internal applications, the business has such strong needs that it may ignore user requirements.

SPI will identify your company’s specific needs for your product. Through Requirements Management, we can ensure that your product will be a success.

We provide Requirements Management consulting throughout the United States and abroad. We employ a cutting edge team of professionals who are ready to travel nationwide to meet with you and discuss your business needs.


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