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Software Release Management

When new software is released, the company releasing the software must decide how to distribute the program or system. While it is a relatively new process, release management is simply the managing of these software releases.

As software systems become more distributed, they also become more specialized and complex. Software products such as Web applications are in an ongoing cycle of development, testing and release. And with the growing complexity and evolution of the platforms that these systems are being run on, there are many moving parts that must fit together seamlessly to guarantee the success and long-term value of a product or project.

So what can be done to streamline the process? Release management. This process must be put in place to oversee the integration and flow of development, testing, deployment and support of these software systems. In the past, this type of management was usually assigned to a project manager. However, this person was probably more concerned with the high-level, design aspects of a project or application and so often did not have time to oversee some of the more technical or day-to-day aspects.

This is where release management comes in and Software Process, Inc. – the leading technical consulting company dedicated to your businesses’ release management needs. SPI has offices throughout the United States and abroad.

At SPI, our professionals have extensive knowledge in every aspect of the Software Development Life Cycle, various applicable operating systems and software application or platforms, as well as various business functions and perspectives.

When it comes to release management consultation, SPI is a:
  • Facilitator. We’ll serve as a liaison between varying business units to guarantee smooth and timely delivery of software products or updates.
  • Gatekeeper. We “hold the keys” to production systems and applications and take responsibility for their successful implementations.
  • Architect. Our consulting professionals identify, create and implement processes or products to efficiently manage the release of code.
    Server application support engineer. We’ll help troubleshoot problems with an application.
  • Coordinator. We’re there to help coordinate disparate source trees, projects, teams and components.
Contact us today and we’ll discuss your release management needs.


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