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Software Project Management

Every successful business understands the importance of project management. Without it, a project may not be completed in a defined time, it may not be of the best quality and it may go over budget. While a project is a temporary, one-time endeavor on behalf of a business to create a unique product or service, this contrasts with processes, which are permanent or semi-permanent ongoing work functions to create the same product or service over and over again. Project management was created to help manage these two very different systems.

Software Process, Inc. is the leading technical consultant company and specializes in project management for corporations. With offices throughout the United States and abroad, SPI employs a team of cutting edge professionals waiting in the wings to travel nationwide and help your business with project management.
SPI understands that your project must be completed on time, on track and within your budget. We utilize a process known as project control, which begins in the early state of project management and ends late in the project with post implementation review. Control systems are needed for cost, risk, quality, communication, time, change, procurement and human resources purposes.

We also utilize the project development process, which includes the stages of: initiation, development, production or execution, and closing or maintenance. During the initiation stage, we determine the nature and scope of the development. Here we develop an understanding of the business environment and make sure that all necessary controls are incorporated into the project. If we find any deficiencies, these will be reported and will make a recommendation to fix them.

After this, the SPI consultant team will design the system. We will build and test the system and put controls in place to ensure that the final product will meet the specifications of the project charter.

At closing, this is the formal acceptance of the project and its ending. We will then archive the files and document the lessons we learned along the way. Maintenance will also be a part of this process and may include the correction of errors, continuing to support the end users and updating the software over time.

Let the professionals at SPI consultants help you with your businesses’ project management needs.


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