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Is your company ready to take on a structured approach to change? If so, what you need is Change Management. This is a successful approach that enables the transition of your business from a current state to a desired future state.

When you think of a change, you may think of it from an individual standpoint such as a change in one’s behavior or attitude. But if it’s your business that needs change, this could be anything from a new business process to a new technology.

Notice that the key phrase in describing Change Management is “a successful approach”. To truly meet this goal, everyone involved in working for your company must be willing to engage and participate in this new change. What successful Change Management does is actually provide a framework for managing the “people side” of these changes. That’s where Software Process, Inc. comes in.

SPI is committed to providing your company with Change Management. We offer Change Management consulting throughout the United States and even abroad. Our professionals are tapped into the recent research, which indicates that successful change embodies a combination of organizational change management tools and individual change management models. And our cutting edge professionals are ready to travel nationwide to work with your company during this transition period.

We’ll work with management to identify trends in the macro environment as well as in the microenvironment so as to be able to identify changes and initiate programs. We’ll be there to help you estimate what impact a change will likely have on employee behavior patterns, work processes, technological requirements and motivation.

Then working with management, we’ll help assess what employee reactions will be and craft a change program that will provide support as workers go through the process of accepting this transition. The program must then be implemented, disseminated throughout the organization, monitored for effectiveness and adjusted where necessary.

With help from Software Process, Inc. your company can undergo change effectively. We help streamline the process and make it easier for employees and ultimately, you.


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