ITSM Professional Services

Our Vision at Software Process, Inc. is to drive the adoption of change relative to Process; People & Technology in support of ITIL to ensure predicated business value is delivered, measured, recognized and implemented based on the cost of services across the Enterprise.

  • Our goal is to improve the quality of IT Services delivered;
  • To assist our customers to reduce the cost of IT Services;
  • To align IT services with current and future need of the business and its customers;
  • Achieve total transparency in the delivery of Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) and processes to demonstrate measurable reliability, cost, and consistency of a service as defined by our business and customers.
  • Establish a Service Management strategy to support implementing ITIL processes out of the box functionality.
  • Embrace a maturity-based ITSM discipline that facilitates strategic decision-making to leverage technologies in support of the goals of the business and IT.
  • Change the culture to be more customer focused by developing a relationship with direct customers, gaining a better understanding as to how technology influences their business and helping drive value to the business with focus of the cost of delivering our software services to our customers.
  • Create a stronger, more agile team that uses ITSM common language with defined and documented processes.
  • Create an ITSM Steering Committee and governance group that will help align IT services with the business needs and ensure compliance, strategic goals and direction.