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IBM Rational Solutions

Software Process, Inc. is happy to offer IBM Rational solutions to our clients. From extensive experience to unsurpassed expertise, we offer the implementation and utilization of the IBM Rational Software Development Platform and the Rational Unified Process (RUP). Utilizing RUP together with the IBM Rational tools enables us to deliver better software solutions to you faster and in a timely manner.

IBM Rational provides a software development platform by combining software engineering best practices, market-leading tools and professional services. All are integrated across the lifecycle and all are designed to improve the speed, quality and predictability of software projects.

But why should you choose our IBM Rational solutions?

RUP is the industry standard for developing high-quality software products. And by taking advantage of the IBM Rational Software Development Platform, you can tap into RUP.

When you follow RUP and use Rational tools you:

  • Improve quality. This can be achieved through better requirements management, model-driven development, software configuration management and automated testing.
  • Enhance collaboration. This can be achieved by making IBM Rational tools available to development teams.
  • Sustain flexibility. This can be achieved on both long and short-term projects by aligning development efforts with business needs throughout development cycles.
With offices throughout the United States and abroad, Software Process, Inc. is readily available for your business needs. And our cutting edge professionals are ready to travel nationwide to speak with you about your company’s specific needs. Turn to SPI to consult your IBM Rational solutions.


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